What Makes DUvisio The Next Big Thing In Affiliate Networks?

  • Instant pay up to 4 ways
  • “InstaJV Funnel System”
  • Embedded Payments
  • Personal Affiliate Marketplace
  • Integration With Wishlist
  • The “Uberfiliate” Program

…to name a few.  Once people see what DUvisio can do, they will be very interested in learning how to put their products on our platform AND upgrade to our Enterprise Membership which adds powerful capabilities.


Let’s just get it out of the way up front…

EPC’s are currently running $3.87 per click.

If you choose to promote one of the DUvisio webinars, EPC’s per attendee are running $17.43 per webinar attendee (about 26% of those who register are attending either a live or replay of our webinars).


DUvisio.com’s Enterprise Membership Level gives members access to some powerful additional features not available to Sellers with FREE memberships on DUvisio…


DUvisio’s new Embedded Payments helps improve conversion rates with an easier way to pay online…

PayPal says that Embedded Payments Increases Sales by 14% on Average!

The simplified design speeds buyers through the payment process in as few as 1 or 2 clicks — without leaving the seller’s sales page — for a secure and seamless checkout.  This will most certainly reduce cart abandonment rates drastically!

On Macs, PCs, and Mobile Devices, the in-context checkout window keeps the merchant sales page in view while providing customers with a streamlined and tightly-integrated checkout experience.

DUvisio's InstaJV Funnel System

DUvisio’s new InstaJV Funnel System is unlike anything you’ve ever seen — Joint Ventures For Everyone!

Sellers who upgrade to Enterprise Members can choose to place the “Integrate JV” badge on their products in the marketplace.  This is visible only to other Sellers logged into DUvisio and it alerts them that the product is available to be integrated into a funnel.

The badge is clickable and the Seller is taken to a page that has the other seller’s contact info as well as an area that says “Let Our Team of Certified JV Brokers Organize Your JV and Funnel for You!  For Just 10% of Sales, Your Certified JV Broker will make ALL the arrangements and get back to you with step by step instructions for setting the funnel up!”

Imagine having JVs setup this easily with JV Partners seeking YOU out!  That’s what the InstaJV Funnel System does automatically!

With the WishList Member Integration, Sellers will be able to automatically register buyers for any WishList membership level without requiring them to fill out the standard WordPress/WishList registration form.  This will help to reduce customer support, chargebacks and disputes for non-receipt, and provide an enhanced customer experience.

The regular retail price of the Enterprise Membership will be $97 per month.  But, during the DUvisio.com Soft Launch, the first 500 members can join for just $47 per month or $470 per year and lock in the discount for LIFE!

The Funnel

All affiliate links will take prospects to signup for a FREE Seller Account on DUvisio.  Only those Sellers who have a PayPal Verified Account will be eligible to register as a DUvisio Seller.  (There is an automated system in place to ensure that the Seller’s PayPal account is verified.)

If the prospect is a Verified PayPal account and registers as a Seller, they will then be taken to an upsell for the DUvisio.com Enterprise Membership Level at $47 per month.

Regardless of whether the person purchases the Enterprise Membership level or not, they are then taken to a true one time offer to purchase Directions University’s Motivation to Profit Membership for just a one-time $197 (instead of $497 per year).  This pays a 25% 1st tier commission and a 5% second tier commission.  Here’s a diagram of the funnel/marketing flow:


We are hosting a Hangout on Air called “DU Helpout – Let DUvisio Broker Your Next JV LIVE – Integration Marketing”

During the HOA, “The JV Queen” will be setting up 4 or 5 JVs LIVE using the InstaJV Funnel System.  She’s not even charging a penny in brokering fees!  Affiliates are able to choose whether to send people to the HOA streaming page or send them through the DUvisio registration page.  The affiliate commission will be the same regardless of how they choose to promote.  You can participate in the “DU Helpout” at www.joindu.com/duvisiohelpout.

We held a Webinar with PayPal Representative, Greg Harris, during the launch and it is now setup as an Evergreen Webinar…

The topic of the Webinar is “Successfully Working With PayPal”.  It promotes the launch of DUvisio and its Affiliate Network.  Conversions were stellar from the webinar!

  • About 25% of those in attendance registered for an affiliate or seller account on DUvisio.com.
  • About 49% of those registering for an account upgraded to the Enterprise Membership at either $470/yr or $47/mo.
  • About 29% of those upgrading to Enterprise then purchased the Motivation to Profit upsell at $197.

Affiliates will be able to choose whether they want to send their people directly to the Seller Registration page or send them through the Webinar Registration page as both are available.  The affiliate commission will be the same regardless of how they choose to promote.

You can watch the webinar replay at www.joindu.com/paypalwebinar.

Join Us In Launching The Most Advanced Affiliate Network!

35% RECURRING commissions on $47/month or $470/year launch special.  Goes to $97/month or $997/year after they leave the OTO page if they want to get in later.

AND — DUvisio cookies are for LIFE and for ALL DUvisio products.  So promoting now means you can potentially earn commissions on ANY DUvisio product later – which includes any and all Vendors’ products!

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Promo Tools

You will get a suite of emails, banners, and social status updates inside the program after you setup your account.  Once you get in the Member’s Area, go to the Marketplace.  Locate the item you want to promote.  (In the case discussed above, choose “Enterprise Membership” or “DUvisio”.)  Next to the product in the Marketplace, you’ll see a link for “Promotional Tools.”  Click on it and you’ll find all the swipes you need!