EBC Members: Give Your Affiliates And Partners Instant Split Pays!

(First Month Free To EBC Members!)

Without Any Additional Work, Give Buyers an Easier, Faster Way To Pay While Increasing Your Profits by Raising Conversion Rates!

Embedded payments increase sales by 14-23% according to Paypal study.

(Just ONE of 5 major additions to your DUvisio Vendor Account!)

  • InstaJV Funnel Technology - alert other Sellers that your product is available for integration into THEIR funnels with minimal additional setup by including an "Integrate JVs" badge on your product in the DUvisio marketplace. A DUvisio Exclusive!
  • Wishlist Member Automation - automatically create Wishlist Memberships when buyers return from PayPal without the customer needing to fill out a registration form. And, tie your PayPal account to your Wishlist installation so that members are automatically blocked from accessing content when a subscription fails or cancels.
  • Private Marketplace & 5 Custom Marketplaces with RSS feeds for each - you'll have your own PRIVATE Marketplace showcasing just your products that you can use in your marketing campaigns! (e.g. Take your marketplace RSS feed and use it anywhere you can import RSS!) You can also create up to 5 Custom Marketplaces that contain ANY products you want from DUvisio, complete with your Affiliate Links embedded in each one!
  • Embedded Payments - keep people right on your salespage throughout their entire purchase and never have to take them to login to their PayPal account in a separate page and then wait to return to your site. PayPal estimates that Embedded Payments increase sales 14% to 23%!
  • Lower Fees: Enterprise vendors pay 1% less in fees than free members! 5% vs. 6% puts money right back in your pocket and it really adds up! If your affiliates are selling more than $4,700 per month in gross sales, you are SAVING money as an Enterprise Member!

To claim your free month of Platinum Membership, just click the order button at the bottom of the page. You'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits DUvisio has waiting for you in a few minutes!

The bottom line is simple...

Your DUvisio Platinum Membership will pay for itself many times over every month by increasing your conversions, getting your products in front of more affiliates and more prospects, and even by bringing you JV Partners! (Which no other affiliate network on the Planet can do!)

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NOTE: You’ll need a PayPal Business Verified account in order to create your DUvisio account once you’ve setup your trial! If you don’t have a Business Verified PayPal account, please make sure you do that before setting up your trial!