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Be Seen as The Expert (Bronze)
Price: $2497.00

We will ghostwrite your book, create a cover, and load it on the AHAthat platform as a social media-enabled AHAbook. For $2,750, we will:

Interview you in a two-hour session.
Content edit and copy edit your book.
Design the book cover in multiple formats.
Ensure you have compelling content to share on social.
Provide one to two quarters of social media content for your business.
Publish your book on the AHAthat platform.
Make your content available to our rapidly expanding user base.
List you on AHAthat as a published author.
In addition, you will:
Receive an AHAblaster key ($50 list) to automatically share your entire book on Twitter.
Receive a robust set of book marketing strategies.
Own the copyright.

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Secret Confessions of The JV Queen
Price: $27.00

JV's are all about relationships... The KEY is in creating a WIN-WIN-WIN proposition -- a win for each of the partners as well as for the customers.

When you know how to build relationships and how to establish this WIN-WIN-WIN situation for each of the parties, no matter how you use Joint Ventures, they will assuredly increase your bottom line!

Let "The JV Queen" show you how to build Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances, as well as manage a team of Affiliates who sell YOUR products, using the unique system she devised while organizing million dollar deals for people like Shawn Casey, Willie Crawford, Russell Brunson, Henry Gold, David Garfinkel, Holly Cotter, and many more!

You'll be building JV's that will stuff your wallet to overflowing in no time!

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Flip Starter
Price: $97.00

The 'Flipping America' Guy is going to show you the process and systems he uses to rehab and flip 100 houses a year. You supply the effort. We provide everything else you need.

Join Us October 20th and October 21st in Atlanta for "FlipStarter," Where You'll Find Out How to Build True Wealth with Real Estate!

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Grow Your 1099 (Silver Membership)
Price: $39.97

Join us for tips and tricks on growing your ability as a direct salesperson. Learn from a professional who was making $300k at 26. Either join us live for an hour once a week or binge-watch the content from the membership video area.

Weekly session with upcoming Author of $300k at 26 Josh Jones and the AHA Guy Mitchell Levy.

As an aside, with our healthy affiliate structure, you can turn this into a nice ongoing revenue stream.

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Tiger VIP Coaching & Mentoring Special Offer
Price: $797.00

Tiger VIP Coaching & Mentoring is designed to fast-track serious players to quickly setting up a lead-capture system in their niche. Teaching them how to be a real expert in that niche, be seen as such, and capitalise on that status of niche expert.

Also, clients will be shown how to scale up quickly and aim for 7-figures, with the object of hitting 6!

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Fruits and Vegetables - Royalty Free Stock Photos
Price: $17.00

Stock Photo Package of 100 Vegetable and Fruit photos - Unlimited use of any or all - Extended License Package.

Can be used for Websites, Blog Posts, Mailings, Specialty Products for resale: Shirts, Hats, Mugs, Calendars, Cards and your choice of whatever else.

Some photos are simply of a fruit veggie on a plain background. Others are of the items set in original, handmade pottery pieces.

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Price: $27.00

Description: Xleads 360 is a cloud-based software that works for any platform, browser or operating system. This is suitable for any online marketing angle such as: Local Marketing, Search Engine Optimization SEO, Video Marketing, Reputation Management, Email Marketing, Web Design and so much more. If your customers already make money online or they are just starting, they can use Xleads 360 to find clients and make a recurring income by selling them online services.

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Platinum Wellness Plan Yearly
Price: $97.00

Platinum Wellness Plan Yearly Subscription

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GreenSurance Natural Medicine Healthcare Co-op
Price: $249.99

Product Description: As the first and only co-op health plan for the green community, GreenSurance serves people whose healthcare needs have long been ignored by conventional medicine. Shattering the invisible barrier the insurance industry creates between natural and conventional medicine, GreenSurance fuses conventional and natural medicine in one convenient health plan. Independent of insurance and ensuring Obamacare penalty exemption, GreenSurance is a member owned co-op for better health and better healthcare.

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Find Your Money Voice
Price: $197.00

A video course for empowerment through personal finance and communication skills

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